YET-International stands for Youth-Euro-Trophy-International.

Youth Euro Trophy is the organisation behind the international youth tour. They are the creator of the community, that have made it possible to host a great tournament, and are every year creating new friendships between players, parents, coaches and tournaments.

5th English TRed Rose Open 2020

Southampton, United Kingdom (canceled)

1st International Youth Open Bowling World Germany

Berlin, Germany

25th J.I.C. Sinjoor International Youth Tournament

Wommelgem - Belgium

Junior Irish Open

Dublin - Ireland

22th Jeff de Bruges

Moussy - France (not confirmed)

21st Brunswick Open International YET Tournament

Nieuwegein - The Netherlands (not confirmed)

7th Koge Youth Masters

Koge - Denmark (not confirmed)

6th Youth Challenge Zurich

Zurich - Switzerland (not confirmed)




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