25th J.I.C. Sinjoor International Youth Tournament

Wommelgem - Belgium (confirmed, registration open)

Junior Irish Open (cancelled)

Dublin - Ireland (not confirmed)

22th Jeff de Bruges

Creil (Saint Maximin) - France (confirmed)

22st Open International YET Tournament

Nieuwegein - The Netherlands (confirmed)

7th Koge Youth Masters

Koge - Denmark (confirmed)


Berlin (to be confirmed)


New Structure

Together we are looking forward to a new YET INTERNATIONAL bowling season. We are happy that finally, after 1 1/2 seasons without tournaments, we can slowly start prepare ourselves for a full season, with hopefully 8 tournaments.

The 10th Anniversary of YET

The idea of YET, to create a tour analogue to the EBT but for youth players, came up for the first time during the EYC 2005 in Wommelgem, Belgium. It was an idea of Gerard van Dam and Arny Goossens.
When Gerard van Dam died two years later to early the idea was put into the freezer until Arny found with Louis van der Heijden the perfect person to replace late Gerard. Louis and Arny worked during the next 2 years to find a playable format for the tour. In the beginning the idea was not supported by ETBF, today it is fully supported.

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