Welcome to YET, the Youth Euro Trophy International organisation. Every year we host a great international youth bowling tour.


Dear finalist, parents and coaches after long deliberation, the DB of YET INTERNATIONAL has decided to move the YET INTERNATIONAL FINALS to 5 September 2020. Several countries have extended the measures concerning the Covid-19 virus and their lockdown for what concerns the ban on events until 31 August. The DB, in consultation with Bowling World Berlin, has opted for 5 September 2020. We understand that this may have consequences for some of you, but you have spent an entire season doing your stinking best to reach and play these finals. It would be a shame if one of you had to miss out on this Covid-19 virus, so we hope you will all find a way to be present at these finals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us:
Arny, Louis, Ole or Monica will answer you.

neal.tbbffraf@gryrarg.or - Chairman
byrx77@ubgznvy.pbz - Secretary
niqurvwqra@mvttb.ay - Treasurer
zbavpn.xbhqfgnny@ubgznvy.pbz - General organisation and rules



5th English TRed Rose Open 2020
Southampton, United Kingdom (canceled)


1st International Youth Open Bowling World Germany (canceled)
Berlin, Germany


25th J.I.C. Sinjoor International Youth Tournament
Wommelgem - Belgium


The 10th Anniversary of YET

The idea of YET, to create a tour analogue to the EBT but for youth players, came up for the first time during the EYC 2005 in Wommelgem, Belgium. It was an idea of Gerard van Dam and Arny Goossens.
When Gerard van Dam died two years later to early the idea was put into the freezer until Arny found with Louis van der Heijden the perfect person to replace late Gerard. Louis and Arny worked during the next 2 years to find a playable format for the tour. In the beginning the idea was not supported by ETBF, today it is fully supported.

tournaments and condition

Due to a strike on Zavetem-Brussels Airport in Belgium during the tournament players from Ireland unfortunately could not make the crossing to the Mainland.


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