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ANNOUNCEMENT TOUR 2020-2021 and FINALS 2019-2020

All players have received a proposal from us regarding the postponement of the Finals tour 2019-2020. Almost all of them passed on their choice to us, for which we thank them.

Our proposals revealed that of the 58 finalists, 13 have chosen option 1, and 44 have chosen option 2, and one player has not yet received a reply. This means that the finals 2019-2020 will be played next year anyway before the finals of the 2020-2021 tour.

For those who have indicated that they would like to receive a trophy, we would like to offer until March 2021 the possibility to change your choice to still participate in the finals. However, if you stick to your choice, the trophy will be ordered and sent to you, or handed over at one of the tournaments to be played. Of course, you will no longer be able to compete for the prizes, the gold and the eternal glory.

For the tour 2020-2021 we will lower the rule: Minimum number of tournaments to play and condition for participation Finals, only for the coming season to participation in a minimum of 2 tournaments. If you participate in more than 2 tournaments, you can get an advantage according to the points you have obtained.

If Covid-19 allows this, the following tournaments will take place:

  1. England, cancelled will possibly be rescheduled to a later date
  2. Germany, for now cancelled
  3. Belgium,
  4. Ireland, cancelled
  5. France, cancelled
  6. Netherlands, unclear until 1 November 2020
  7. Denmark,
  8. Switzerland.



1st International Youth Open Bowling World Germany (canceled)
Berlin, Germany


25th J.I.C. Sinjoor International Youth Tournament
Wommelgem - Belgium


Junior Irish Open
Dublin - Ireland


The 10th Anniversary of YET

The idea of YET, to create a tour analogue to the EBT but for youth players, came up for the first time during the EYC 2005 in Wommelgem, Belgium. It was an idea of Gerard van Dam and Arny Goossens.
When Gerard van Dam died two years later to early the idea was put into the freezer until Arny found with Louis van der Heijden the perfect person to replace late Gerard. Louis and Arny worked during the next 2 years to find a playable format for the tour. In the beginning the idea was not supported by ETBF, today it is fully supported.

tournaments and condition

Due to a strike on Zavetem-Brussels Airport in Belgium during the tournament players from Ireland unfortunately could not make the crossing to the Mainland.


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