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Dear participants, coaches, and parents to the YET International tour,

Last weekend the J.I.C. Sinjoor tournament, stop 3 in the YET tour 2022-2023 was played and the ranking points were allocated.
We were soon informed by Mr René Lomholt from Danmark that the points had not been allocated correctly and further investigation revealed that this was indeed the case.
We thank Mr René Lomholt for his attentiveness and apologise for this. The correct allocation of points will be posted on the website as soon as possible.

DB YET International



Finals in Wommelgem, Belgium

Those were the finals in Wommelgem.

Here you can find the results and the photo gallery for the finals in Wommelgem.

Dear participants, parents and coaches,

We are pleased to announce that the Junior Dutch Open tournament will become the Dutch delegation within the YET INTERNATIONAL tour starting in September.

The DB and its organizers give them a warm welcome and hope for a long and pleasant cooperation.

Arny Goossens, President

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