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Dear participants, parents, coaches and caretakers


The Covid-19 virus is on its return, at least it seems that way. We are getting less restrictions and more freedom. We can meet our bowling friends again and play bowling matches together. As DB YET International, we want nothing more for you to compete in the YET Finals to determine who the winners of this season will be, even though it has been a season in which only four tournaments could be held.

Last week there were several meetings and we can now promise you that the finals will take place in BOWLING STONES at WOMMELGEM, BELGIUM.

How these finals will look like is not clear yet, but it is clear that partly due to Covid-19 the budget is very small and the possibilities are limited.  We hope you can understand this. The finals will take place on Friday, May 27 in Belgium.

As soon as more is known we will inform you.

If you have any ideas and would like to share them with us, please send a message to Arny, Monica, or Ole.

With kind regards on behalf of DB YET INTERNATIONAL

Arny Goossens,
Monica Koudstaal,
Ole Kristensen,
Dean Walker,
Sabrina Schroschk



Finals in Wommelgem, Belgium

Those were the finals in Wommelgem.

Here you can find the results and the photo gallery for the finals in Wommelgem.

Dear participants, parents and coaches,

We are pleased to announce that the Junior Dutch Open tournament will become the Dutch delegation within the YET INTERNATIONAL tour starting in September.

The DB and its organizers give them a warm welcome and hope for a long and pleasant cooperation.

Arny Goossens, President

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